A much more intense debate in the horse world is what defines a miniature horse. The debate surrounds whether a miniature horse should be retain the dimensional characteristics of a pony or dwarf like proportions with very short legs and a large body. There are certain breeds that possess these pony like proportions and there are other who have the dwarf look, The pony look may be more pleasing to the eye, but the “pygmy horses” as they are generally know are stronger. The miniature horse world associations, of which there are a few, are concerned with the issue of dwarfism and have begun to gradually ease out the breeds that are based on these characteristics. They are doing so through refusing to accept new breeds which have been genetically developed through dwarfism for registration as a breeding stock.

Things to consider

One thing to consider is where your horse is going to live. In some places of the country, it is perfectly acceptable to have the horse turned loose in a large pasture but many times a horse must be boarded or stalled.

Fencing is important

It must be safe for the horse and it must contain the horse. Be aware if the fence rails are not low enough to the ground or are two far apart that a mini could squeeze between or roll under.

Horse is in a stall

Consider the walls. A regular horse box stall may not be the best option as a mini cannot see out. The space where the mini lives should measure at least 10 by 10 feet, but if a horse is to be stalled in such a small area they must be able to be worked or turned out daily..

Every Horse Needs a Proper Home

Many people think that they can
easily be kept in a small back yard!

Many people think that since minis are so small they can easily be kept in a small back yard, but make sure that they can be turned loose to run and roll every day! Also, if the horse is alone in a residential setting, the horse may pick up many behavioral problems because it cannot socialize and interact with other horses.

If your horse must be kept alone, consider getting some other sort of animal like a goat to keep it company. Unless you keep the horse on your own property, expect monthly horse board to be at least £100.

To help create a strong breeding program, even if it is a single foal you plan to breed… the key is PLANNING. Decide what exactly you are breeding for. No breeder will ever create a “perfect” animal… but they can get close to achieving a reasonable goal.


As a breeder

Are you going to attempt to breed the best driving animals, or animals that are best conformed for Halter?






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Maybe it is a little more specific… maybe you want to breed halter quality, arabian-type leopard appaloosas. Whatever it is… select the very best stock to start with that you can afford. It is probably best to start out with less, higher quality animals than to stretch your dollar to buy more, mediocre quality animals. Do be careful when breeding for color, as it becomes easier to ignore structural faults in favor of color, which is one of the least important qualities.

What are good qualities in a breeding animal? Temperament is commonly stated, although desired temperament will vary, as some people like friendly, calm animals for children, yet other people prefer a hot, fiery show horse. Certainly conformation plays an important role for creating an attractive, healthy animal that can withstand performance demands. Genetic soundness is also important in miniatures, as bad bites, dwarfism, and locking stifles are common. Once a mare is bred, the breeder has a responsibility to see that she is well cared for and has all the veterinary support she needs. It is also important to note that the Miniature horse has a high percentage of difficult deliveries A mare should have an assisted birth at all times… if that means she must be watched 24 hours a day for the last three weeks of her pregnancy up to her due date.

A responsible breeder also takes the time and effort to make sure that each foal they have carefully bred and raised makes it into a good home. It will do no good for a breeder to have an animal carrying their farm name neglected and not looking it’s best. On the other hand, a horse sold to a show home will be a great advertisement in other areas. A responsible breeder should also offer after-sale support to the new buyer to make sure the anima

It is not merely the beauty and small stature but also the character that appeals to so many in the Miniature horse. They are pleasant companions, have a gentle nature and are excellently suited as a friend for young and older, adults and children alike. They have an inborn curiosity and can therefore be taught different disciplines. Usually they like pulling a light sulky and some excel in jumping. Children really enjoy obstacle classes and grown-ups like to show their horses off in the showring or to keep them as a companion. The first studbook for Miniature horses that we can trace, was founded in the USA. The American Miniature Horse Association has closed their registry some years ago and no more crossings with other breeds can be registered.

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