Not many people have the time, the space, the knowledge, the financial wherewithal and most importantly the desire to own a miniature horse. If there were any statistics available it would probably show that most people who own a miniature horse have either owned or still own full sized horses. Many people first become interested in acquiring a miniature horse when they have children of a certain age, who are interested in having their children get the feel and the confidence of being around horses, this way the miniature horse becomes part of the extended family.

Horse loving people who reach retirement age and have a slot of time on their hands, find the owning a miniature horse or horses provides a challenge that they can deal with much easier than they could by owning a full sized horse. Owning and showing miniature horses can be a wonderful pastime creating whole new interests as well as social opportunities for those who decide to bring a miniature horse home. As a part of their generally loving and friendly nature they will inevitably earn a place in everyone’s hearts and the family, proud of their family pet, may begin to want to show them of at horse shows.

Many people attend horse shows that have never owned a horse and are never likely to own one either. They just love to see these magnificent equine beasts in action. Many of the general public is unaware that there are such things as miniature horses, and they are delighted and surprised to see them for the first time. They are even amazed when they witness for the first time what a well trained and disciplined, healthy miniature horse is capable of doing.

Miniature horses respond well to discipline, especially if they have gained a strong affinity to their owners. They actually love to show of in front of a crowd and to gain the rewards of their owner’s approval. It is a breathtaking site for anyone who has ever witnessed a miniature horse “struts its stuff”. The pride of ownership that members of the miniature horse club is no less than that for full sized horses and dogs for that matter. Showing miniature horses can be a highly exhilarating experience for the owners and especially for children and retirees who can bask in the reflective glow of the pet’s performances. An especially outstanding display of coordination and understanding between the miniature horse and its owner is the buggy pulling competitions.

Miniature horses have exceptional strength in relation to their size as well as a very low center of gravity. They can pull a buggy weighing considerably more than their body weight without too much effort. This makes for a very exciting spectacle and one that causes tremendous excitement for the crowd, the owners and for the horses themselves. As well as hauling buggies, showing miniature horses can also involve taking part in show jumping competitions, where the horse is required to jump over hedges, water jumps, falling slalom of poles. Other miniature horses are brought to shows to display their abilities in the halter class, which is less discipline and more front.